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Back Real Care Adult Diaper


1. Refastenable Frontal Tape
2. Double Absorbent Layer
3. Leg cuffs multi-strand elastics
4. Efficient double absorbency layers
5. Casting Molded Acquisition Layer
6. Wetness Indicator

Size M 32"~44", L 42"~59"
  1. The adjustable frontal tape makes better fit.
  2. Double absorbent layers with anti-bacteria and deodorization SAP to prevent annoying odour creation.
  3. Leg cuffs with elastic stands to match users crotch perfectly, and to prevent side leakage in the mean time.
  4. Efficient double absorbent layers with soft cotton film to reduce uncomfortable irritation and re-wetness for skin, makes it a cozy feelings for users.
  5. To spread urine immediately for easier SAP absorbency, to prevent chances of urine contact with skin and to assure comfortable dryness.
  6. To reminding good timing for diapers change at the most appropriate moment as soon as ink discoloured.

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